The Cyprus Mental Health Institute Journals work towards the protection of your personal information. The privacy policy summarized here is valid only for the information collected by The Cyprus Mental Health Institute through the website

Information We Collect

Your personal information is requested to create your individual user profile to support all online activities conducted as an author, editorial board member or other relevant role. Information such as your name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and geographic location are used as unique identifiers to allow access to certain content or a secure site. All personal information is kept strictly private and confidential by the The Cyprus Mental Health Institute Journals. The Cyprus Mental Health Institute Journals will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, unless required by law.

We process the following information regarding a user’s registration and subsequent use:

  • Information provided during registration such as your name, username, ORCID ID and e-mail address
  • Account login linked information, eg. login and password details
  • Correspondence sent by you, eg. email or website contact forms
  • Content files and cover letters uploaded by you
  • Information on the institution you work with, eg. address, name, e-mail
  • Your publication record based on publicly available data.
  • The personal data you provide will be used for the following purposes:
  • Identifying you when you sign in
  • Managing your account
  • To communicate with you
  • To inform you about other publishing opportunities as an author
  • Communicating with you as a potential Referee, Editorial Board Member or External Editor through the journal; You can stop these communications with you as a Referee, Editorial Board Member or External Editor at any time by contacting the Responsible Editorial Manager.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of content attribution and the quality and integrity of the peer review process
  • Creating a profile of your publication record based on public data such as published books and articles, citationd. This information will not be used to determine article acceptance or be used for automated decision making. This information will be used to personalize communications and to provide you with the latest news about our services.
  • Authorize and process Article Publishing procedures


Cookies and log files are automatically saved when you visit our site. This data may include some or all of the following information: IP address, hostname, domain name, browser version and platform, date and time of requests, and files downloaded or viewed. This information is used to measure and analyze the traffic and usage of the website and our digital products

Making Changes to Your Information

When you create a user account, you can update your personal information at any time in your account settings. If you create a personal profile on our site (eg as a registered user or subscriber), you can always review and change the information regarding this profile.

If you are concerned about how your information is used or stored, please contact us via e-mail at

Management Principles

As the Cyprus Mental Health Institute, we maintain this website ( and related online services according to the following principles:

– We respect your privacy and take steps to ensure this. We do not share any personal information about your use of our site with any other institution. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties or share your e-mail address with third parties.

– Permission processes apply to the information we send to you; Accordingly, we will not send you information about the content or the services offered by the site without your permission. When we send you information, we also include instructions on how to unsubscribe from the notification list / subscription if you do not want to receive possible future information.

– We can report to third parties (eg advertisers, marketing / industry research firms, etc.) on the activity of our website and provide explanations on customers’ purchasing behavior or what they are focusing on.

– We do not collect data about your individual use of our site. In this manner, we provide data, content or advertising, if it matches your specified preferences and with your consent.

– We implement appropriate security measures to protect the data we collect from you on our site against misuse, alteration and loss.

– The Privacy Policy of the Cyprus Mental Health Institute website can be changed. If we make changes in the information practices, we will inform you. We upload updates or changes to the Privacy Policy on the website. We review the Privacy Policy at least once a year.

You can stop receiving information messages from us in various ways. When you do not want to be informed about content or services;

You can send an e-mail to You must write your e-mail address in the message. Normally, your request will be processed within 48 – 72 hours.