The Cyprus Mental Health Institute (CMHI) recognizes the strategic importance of Open Access to Information and is committed to disseminating the results of scientific activity as widely as possible.
Open access to information is the free, instant, online accessibility of scientific articles that allows any user to read, copy, print, distribute, use for any legal purpose without any financial or technical hindrance.
The electronic publication of scientific research results enables the free sharing of ideas and information with the scientific community and the public. Removing access barriers will make scientific communication more effective and increase the visibility and impact of research.
The Cyprus Mental Health Institute believes that you should ensure the long-term management and protection of digital scientific studies produced by Researchers. It also aims to provide the widest possible access to scientific studies produced by researchers.

1. Applying Open Access to CMHI’s scientific publications through complementary models:

  • Archiving data in issues published by our journals in Cyprus Mental Health Institute’s Corporate Archive;
  • Archiving data in universities and other libraries of the data published by our journals;
  • Policy archiving of our journals in the SHERPA / RoMEO database;
  • Registration in our journals  DOAJ International Directory (Open Access Journals).

2. Registration of CMHI’s Corporate Policy on Open Access to Information to the Open Access Repository Mandatory Archiving Policies Record (ROARMAP), which will allow Open Access to the results of publicly funded scientific research, in the form of an institutional authorization.

3. Registration of the CMHI Enterprise Repository in the Open Access Repository Registry (ROAR).