The Cyprus Mental Health Institute has achieved a very short success in the field of mental health education in 2005 and has gained a place in the field of education and consultancy. It was approved by the TRNC Ministry of National Education on 04.04.2005 with the number 339/05 and the certificates given for the trainings are given with the approval of the TRNC Ministry of Education. It is an educational institution that conducts writing in the field of mental health with expert and experienced academicians in the field and offers all students in the field of education with its own and developing programs.

Director of the Cyprus Mental Health Institute (CMHI) is Prof. Dr. Ebru Çakıcı. The address of CMHI is Sakarya Sokak. Levent 2B Apartment, Floor 1. Flat 2, Köşklüçiftlik, Lefkoşa, Mersin 10 / Turkey. The phone numbers are +90 3922277738 and +90 3922292967. E-mail of the director is ebru.cakici@ruhsagligienstitusu.com.

The Cyprus Mental Health Institute trains mental health professionals who are experts in their fields with trainings approved by the United States Substance Use Consultants Association (NAADAC), the World Association of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP) and the TRNC Ministry of Education. Cyprus Mental Health Institute has been providing Substance Addiction Therapist training service approved by the American National Association of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Consultants (NAADAC), approved by the number # 87228 since 2004. In addition, Positive Psychotherapy Training, approved by the International Academy of Positive and Intercultural Psychotherapy (ICCP) and the German Wiesbaden Psychotherapy Academy (WIAP), Body Psychotherapy Training approved by the European Body Psychotherapists Association, Psychodrama Training and Motivational Therapy training in cooperation with the Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Institute are provided at our institute. At the same time, it provides services in child, adolescent, adult psychological counseling, school counseling, training and seminar studies and corporate counseling, and plans in-service trainings for psychologists, psychological counselors, counselors, teachers and those who work in the field, by making positive analyzes specific to institutions, we organize seminars on topics. In addition, we organize group psychological counseling and psychoeducation programs for children and adolescents and families, and we conduct educational activities for parents. Individual, institutional and professional psychological services in our center; It is carried out by expert psychologists.



Our main vision is to raise qualified and well-equipped mental health professionals by providing a quality mental education service. The Cyprus Mental Health Institute makes a difference with its professional vision, commitment to ethical principles and concrete contribution. It provides services within the framework of universal rules in psychotherapy and counseling activities. It complies with international literature and standards in education, and constantly updates its educational programs. Develops programs that will make a measurable contribution to the professional careers and corporate partners of the participants.



Our mission is to provide accurate, reliable and solution-oriented academic support by creating educational programs in the field of educational, quality and innovative mental health where people can continuously improve their performance. In addition, as the Cyprus Mental Health Institute, we believe that psychological counseling and psychotherapy add meaning to human existence. For this purpose, our main goal is to help our clients lead a meaningful and satisfying life by contributing to their journey of adding meaning to their existence, supporting their personal development.