Clinical Interview Techniques Training in Therapy

Purpose of Education

To gain proficiency in clinical observation and interview techniques.

Content of the Training

What is a clinical interview?

What are the characteristics of the clinical interviewer?

Structuring the boundaries between the therapist and the client?

How should the informed consent and anamnesis form be?

What are the basic viewing, listening and action skills?

What are non-directive listening responses?

What is non-directive emotion projection?

What are the guiding listening responses?

How should the guiding action responses be?

What is transference and countertransference? How to work

What should be the general structuring of the interview process?

How is risk group assessment done?

How to interfere with risk group assessment.

Education Methods and Techniques

In the program, basic techniques and methods will be used in the framework of information transfer, role play, video watching and case studies.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cakici

Who Can Attend The Training?

Psychiatrist, Psychologist-Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Counseling and Guide and students of these professions can participate in the training starting from the 4th grade