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The Cyprus Mental Health Institute is proud to publish the Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology, the first scientific journal in North Cyprus in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

The relationship of the press with Educational Material ( Journal, Book, Brochure vs.) started with printing arrangements created with educated societies in the 2019s. Now, we have started to serve a serious experience together with an ever-expanding and diverse academic audience.

In addition to committing to the highest possible quality in our publication, we are equally committed to the level of service we provide to each of our authors.

In line with our commitment to the dissemination of information on all subjects, we provide authors with full support for the rapid dissemination of their research to the widest possible audience in our journal.

What to expect If you become a writer with the Cyprus Mental Health Institute, you can look forward to:

  • You are guided every step of the way with rich resources to help you before, during and after the broadcast.
  • The magazine has an efficient peer review and production process that offers shorter turnaround times via First View online publication.
  • Pay attention to details, both in print and online, and support is available through personal communication with your journal editor.
  • New platforms are being created to enable online articles to be easily discovered, accessed, read, and cited by a wide variety of researchers.
  • There is also support for data archiving and options for publishing full-color images online, as well as multimedia supplementary materials, including audio and video content, in most journals.
  • There is a PDF version of your article that is delivered to the relevant author at the time of publication.
  • There is an Open Access option in a constantly evolving environment.
  • There is a support study to measure and promote the impact of your article after it is published.

The information on these pages is designed to guide you through the process of writing an article for the Cyprus Turkish Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology, from prephttp://www.ktppdergisi.com/aring your article to maximizing its impact after publication.

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