Sports Psychology Training


Purpose of Education

The general purpose of the training program; To introduce the participants to sports psychology and to provide them with information about its applications. The focus of the training program is; To teach the participants the use of techniques developed in the light of scientific studies on how athletes can do mental training individually. In addition, thanks to the practices to be carried out during the training, the participants; Athletes will have the opportunity to develop their guiding roles on how to improve their psychological skills to perform at a high level.


Content of the Training

What is Sport Psychology?

Ethics in Sport Psychology

How to Cooperate Between Coach and Sports Psychologist?

Motivational Interview with Athletes

How to be informed at the first meeting?

How To Configure Second Call and subsequent calls?

Mind and Behavior

Mental Training Techniques


Don’t Talk to Yourself


Who is an athlete as an individual?

Awareness in Athletes

Confidence in Athletes

Self-acceptance in Athletes

Setting Goals for Athletes

Motivation in Athletes

Attention Management in Athletes

Concentration Management in Athletes

Anxiety Management in Athletes

Emotion Management in Athletes

Pre-Competition Psychological Preparation for Athletes

The Role of the Psychologist in the Coach-Athlete Relationship

Sports and Personality

Group Processes

Team Processes

Psychological assessment and evaluation in sports (psychological tests).


Document to be Given at the End of Training

Practitioner Certificate (Approved by the Cyprus Mental Health Association)

Who Can Attend The Training?

Graduates of Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Counseling, 3rd and 4th grade students, physical education teachers and those who are coaches or managers in the field of sports can participate in the training.