Purpose of Education

Psychodrama can be defined as the art of providing the personal development of the participants by experiencing psychodrama and applying the psychodrama techniques and the skills they have gained during the group under the title of Psychodramatist.


Goal in Psychodrama

Psychodrama, like other Social Sciences, aims to increase the quality of life of people and to provide a good education to its students. For this, experts working in the social field need to improve themselves and have the ability to remove the paradoxes that prevent development. Trying to heal the soul.

Information About Psychodrama Education

The place where the psychodrama training will take place: Cyprus Mental Health Institute.

Prof. Dr. Ebru Cakici

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Deniz Ergun

Who Can Attend The Training?

Psychiatrist, Psychologist-Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker / Worker, Psychological Counseling and Guide, Nurse, Sociologist (Family Counselor), Teacher, Occupational Therapist, and students of these professions can participate in the training starting from the 4th grade.

Skills Expected From Psychodrama Training

Psychodrama; Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Group Work Skills, Communication Skills, Research-Inquiry, Problem Solving Skills, Gaining Personal Maturity, Coping With Stress and Anger, Discovering Strengths, Awareness of Behaviors, Empathizing, Independent Thinking Skills, Using Drama Techniques Using Body Language, etc. Includes stage arrangements and self-improvement tests.