Motivational Interview Techniques Training

Purpose of Education

The spirit of Motivational Interviewing will enable you to gain in-depth knowledge and skills about its basic principles, theoretical background, practices and strategies.


Educational Outcomes

You will learn about the concepts of change and ambivalence, which form the basis of Motivational Interview Techniques, and you will develop skills that you can handle in terms of Motivational Interviewing.

You will be able to use Motivational Interview Techniques strategies correctly in your practice.

You will have practiced how to use Motivation Interview Techniques when working with clients

Features of Motivational Interview Technique

It is an evidence-based method.

It is active in different cultures and environments.

It is easy to learn.

Its techniques and application principles are clearly defined.

It has its own quality control system.

Prevents harming the client by preventing unnecessary confrontation and advice

It is also effective in developing interpersonal relationships outside of the professional field.

It allows you to work more enjoyable.

It allows you to learn the client’s point of view on the subject.

It can be used with other clinical approaches.

It reduces the rate of dropping out of treatment.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cakici


Who Can Attend The Training?

Physicians, Psychologists, Psychological Counselors, Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers, Child Development Specialists, Dieticians, Nurses and 4th grade students of these departments can participate.