Life skills training includes daily skills, basic skills and self-education that participants can use in their present and future lives.


Purpose of Education

It is to raise individuals who have developed in a balanced and healthy way in terms of body, mind, morality, spirit, emotion (material and spiritual), who know and fulfill their responsibilities towards themselves, their family, their environment, society and ultimately the universe.


Educational content

Skill training; It has two competency areas: daily life skills and basic life skills. Daily Life Skills Training: It is the training that individuals use to manage their daily life and provide the skills necessary to maintain their daily life in a quality way. Basic Life Skills Training: It is the training that aims to enable individuals to have basic skills that they can use in their current and future lives as well as their academic success.


  • Life Skills Training
  1. Daily Life Skills

Personal Care Skill

Balanced Life Skill

Relationship Management Skills

The Ability to Organize and Use Living Spaces

Harmonious Behavior Skills in Social Areas

The Ability to Organize His Economic Life

Ability to Participate in Sports Activities

  1. Basic Life Skills

Literacy skills

Communication skills

Knowledge and ability to collect data

Decision-making ability

Social participation skill

Ability to use information technologies / digital citizenship

The ability to observe

Problem solving skills

Research skill

Entrepreneurial skill

Who Can Attend The Training ?

People who attach importance to their personal development and want to take a more active role in social and cultural life by establishing successful relationships in their business and private life can participate in this training.