Child Attention Tests Training


Purpose of Education

It aims to provide child or adult clients with the ability and competence to make psychological evaluations in order to observe children in a healthy way and to follow their development. In the training, the participants will be presented with theoretical information and application examples and different reporting examples will be shown.

Content of the Training

Development Criteria in Human Drawing by Age and the Goodenough-Harris Human Drawing Test

Gesell Developmental Figures Test

Cattell 2A-3A Intelligence Test

Bender Gestalt Visual Motor Detection Test

Metropolitan School Readiness Test

Frostig Visual Perception Test

AGTE Ankara Development Inventory

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

d2 Test of Attention

Frankfurter Attention Test

Burdon Attention Test

Application Examples


Goodenough-Harrıs Human Drawing Test

The Good Enough-Harris Drawing Human Picture Test is a drawing test that aims to measure the mental development of individuals. It gives important information in determining mental retardation. It is a performance test. It is not a timed test. It is applied to children between the ages of 3-15.


Gesell Developmental Figures Test

Gesell is a performance assessment test that measures motor skills, visual perception, visual memory, hand-eye coordination, and small muscle skills in children. It is applied to children between the ages of 2-8.

Bender Gestalt Visual Motor Detection Test

Using it as a developmental test to see visual motor function in children, it sheds light on detecting retardation, regression, loss of function and organic brain damage in both adults and children, and finding personality deviations especially in regression cases (mental retardation, aphasia, various organic brain injuries, psychosis, such as unreal illnesses). It can be applied to children between 5 years 6 months and 10 years 11 months.

Ankara Development Inventory

The development of children aged 0-6 is examined in 4 different areas in this test. The inventory also enables the early recognition of babies and children who are considered to be at risk in terms of developmental delay and irregularity and to take necessary precautions.

CATTELL 2B-3A Intelligence Test

It is a performance test that measures intelligence. It is applied to individuals between the ages of 6-7 and 0-14. It can be applied as a group. It is a culture free test.

METROPOLITAN School Maturity Scale

School readiness scale is applied to individuals between 60 and 72 months. Determines the individual’s school readiness level. It is a test to determine whether children are ready to go to school, learn, and receive instructions.

d2 Test of Attention

It can be applied to individuals between the ages of 9-60 individually or as a group. d2 Test of Attention is an easy-to-use test that measures selective attention, focus and attention swing depending on time.




Frankfurter Attention Test

It is a test that can be applied individually to children between 60 and 72 months in schools, preschool classes, kindergartens and guidance centers. It is used to measure the attention power of children.

Burdon Attention Test

It can be applied to all individuals between the ages of 10 and 20 in order to measure the individual’s attention power. It can be applied to the whole class in order to identify students who have attention deficit in the classroom during the academic year, or to determine the attention power of the student who is thought to have difficulty in attention.

Who Can Attend The Training?

University Social Workers, Child Development Teachers, PDR, Sociologists, Psychology Undergraduate and Postgraduate graduates, senior students of these departments, Master’s or PhD in Child Development, Psychology or Psychological Counseling,