Body Psychotherapy Training


What is Body Psychotherapy Training?

Body Psychotherapy Training; It is an approach that integrates psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, Radix approaches and focuses on the relationship between mind and body. Body Psychotherapy can also be called a mind-body theory that derives from William Reich’s psychoanaltic studies. It focuses more on blocked emotions such as anxiety, fear, and anger. It is especially used for people with severe stress, neuroticism, depression, panic attacks, sexual dysfunctions and psychosomatic disorders. The techniques used in Body Psychotherapy are quite diverse: Radix training, relaxation, meditation, yoga, Shiatsu massage …


Purpose of Education

The main purpose of the training is for the participants to realize the relationships and deep feelings between their own mind-body and spirit structures. Practices in education are studied in pairs. 20% of the education is theoretical and 80% is practice.


Educational content

The training program includes three dimensions of growth and development.

  1. Personal development (Going through life with applications)
  2. Establishing the theoretical background (Modalities of Body Psychotherapy, Radix Training, Mind-Body Medicine Training)
  3. Learning technical information to put what has been learned into practice


How and Where is Body Psychotherapy Used?

According to body psychotherapy; In many disorders, individuals neglect their own bodies, suppress their emotions, and thus their feelings are blocked. Every blockage creates anger in the human body and these blockages cause illness. In this case, the person feels physically ill as well. Body psychotherapy tries to relax these repressed emotions and helps people to express their emotions with body language and tries to remove these blockages.

Body psychotherapy is widely used in psychotherapy and shows very good results especially in anxiety disorders, post-stress trauma disorders, sexual disorders, psychosomatic disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders. However, body psychotherapy; It shows good results in psychological balance disorders, borderline disorders and psychotic patients when used together with certain special techniques.


Who Can Attend The Training?

Anyone who wants to improve themselves in this field can take body psychotherapy basic training. There is no requirement to be a university graduate in terms of participation, but a university degree is required to obtain a body psychotherapist license, that is, to become a valid therapist in the European Union. There is no limitation to being a disciplinary for the type of this university.