Body Language Training


Purpose of Education

Purpose of body language education; to explain the power of body language in communication. The “What I actually want to say” part in communication is quite effective. Our aim is to read, understand and make sense of our most powerful tool, which is silent and its percentage, and make it useful, and to teach the techniques that ensure the importance and effective use of body language in professional and private life.

Content of the Training

What is Communication?

Basics of Communication

“I” Language in Communication

Understanding the Message in Communication

The Importance of Listening in Communication

Communication Errors and Communication Barriers

Ways to Win Discussion

The Secrets of Positive and One-to-One Quality Communication

Code Technique in Communication

9 Key Information in Nonverbal Communication

Some Behaviors in Quality Communication

The Way to Connect With Everyone

Most Common Problems in Communication

The Habit of Ineffective Communicators

Communication with Oneself

Body Language of Personal Development

Ways to Make a Good Impression

How Can We Use Body Language Effectively?

Using Body Language as a Whole

Elements of Body Language

Suggestions for Successfully Observing and Analyzing Body Language

To have an idea about the importance of body language.

Learning gestures and signals.

To have knowledge about mimics.

To gain awareness of feet and postures.

To gain awareness of eyes and gaze.

To have an idea about the importance and effect of tone of voice.

To have an idea about the communication signals of clothing and appearance.


Assoc. Dr. Huda Hüdaverdi

Who Can Attend The Training

People who attach importance to their personal development and want to take a more active role in social and cultural life by establishing successful relationships in their business and private life can participate in this training.