Management Skills Training

Purpose of Education

The aim of Management Skills training is to provide participants with knowledge and skills related to management in the light of modern management approaches. At the end of this training, you will learn the basic concepts of administratorship and you will have information about the competencies in a good manager.

Content of the Training

Who is the contemporary manager? Management-coaching concepts

Managerial styles and perception by employees

Employee types and motivation methods

Effective delegation

Effective performance evaluation model

Do’s and don’ts during performance evaluation

Building and leading a team

Communicating effectively: Listening, asking questions, body language, empathy

Emotional intelligence and management

Techniques for giving effective feedback to the employee

Goal setting skills

Practical advice to managers



Tests to raise awareness of participants about their own management skills

Case studies – case studies

Group work

Creative drama applications


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cakici


Who Can Attend The Training?

People who attach importance to their personal development and want to take a more active role in social and cultural life by establishing successful relationships in their business and private life can participate in this training.